Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well, the election is over...almost!! With heavy heart I watched as the Dems slowly crept up and took over the House! As they needed fewer and fewer seats I paced, I screamed at my tv, I thought...this CANNOT be happening! After midnight I finally went to bed, hoping that I would wake up and realize I had just been in the middle of a nightmare and none of what I "thought" I saw the previous evening was real!! But, alas, it WAS REAL and so I feel we are now in the middle of a two year nightmare that we cannot escape from!!

What now? Well, let's look at something...Congress (House) basically is in control of all "legislative powers" in the government and basically holds the "purse strings"! They are responsible for maintaining our military, declaring war, regulating interstate and foreign commerce, and control federal taxing and spending!! The constitution also allows the Congress to "make all laws which shall be necessary and proper" along with a rarely used power to amend the constitution!!

If the above doesn't scare you, it definitely should! MOST of the Democrats that are in power today are not the typical democrat, they are far left social progressive Democrats (the FLLD's - Far Left Leaning Democrat) or more to the point...Howard Dean Democrats..the Deaniacs! THESE type of people are dangerous to our country and it's security!!!

Luckily, Congress is elected every two years and therefore we must be very vigilant to make sure that our country is not being given away, taken away and/or left unprotected!!! Stay on top of this folks...keep watch and let's keep demanding our representatives work for the best interest of the United States of America and the US Citizens!!!


Faultlineusa said...

Please take heart. The far left Dems will have two years to completely screw up this country and leave us totally vulnerable to terrorism on our own soil. There is one bright spot – perhaps. Hopefully by then, the American public will finally wake up to this disaster in the making and kick the bums out!!!

One Country Voice said...

Very true! I just hope we will be able to reverse the damage that will be done...and that we do not have another "attack" before then! Of course, IF we do you know it will be ALL BUSHES FAULT, once again! Since the FLLDs are so PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and sadly our President is to, they should be able to walk hand-in-hand down the aisle on that one!! :( Frankly it makes me want to puke!!