Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, we are almost there...the day that will affect our country's future! To say I am a bit unnerved is putting it mildly......I grab a drink and turn on Michael Savage, hoping to hear a little bit of sanity!

This has got to be one of the hottest and closest mid term elections that I remember. Will the disappointment in our current adminstration keep those die-hard conservatives from the polls? Will the new "breed" of Democrats be able to pull off taking the House and/or the Senate?

WAKE UP CONSERVATIVES...WAKE UP INDEPENDENTS!!!! We MUST protect our country and only YOUR VOTE against the far left will allow us to achieve that goal!!

The Democratic Party has been taken over by the far, far left! Some of the far left are Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer,
Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha, etc. THESE are the far left types that we MUST be protected from!!

There is a great article and a must read: Nancy Pelosi: Anatomy of a Trainwreck by Joseph Klein. If the House is "taken over" by the far left, Nancy Pelosi is up for Speaker, 3rd in line for the White House. Here are some "snipets" from Mr. Klein's article: ......

Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post last month that this year’s midterm congressional campaign “shouldn't be about national security.”

One of Pelosi’s most shocking votes was against consideration of appropriations for intelligence and intelligence-related activities in fiscal year 2007 ....She even voted against the bill sponsored by our current Speaker Denny Hastert adopting the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission! In Pelosi’s world – which will turn into nightmarish reality if she becomes the next Speaker of the House – the privacy rights of terrorist suspects and their friends under surveillance would trump our right to be protected against the execution of their murderous plans.

Pelosi was given a 100 percent rating for supporting the interests of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2005.......there have been credible reports of CAIR's post-9/11 ties to terrorist groups, including funding of terrorist front groups. Moreover, a number of CAIR officials have been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, offenses related to the support of Islamist terrorism. Pelosi’s full-fledged support of terrorist suspects’ civil liberties comports very nicely with CAIR’s needs at the moment.

Pelosi voted against the REAL ID Act of 2005, which was aimed at stiffening federal laws to protect against terrorists’ entry to the country and their abuse of the state driver's license process to obtain false identification. Her alternative has been to push acceptance of a dubious ID card issued by the Mexican consulates for aliens crossing over our border called the “matricula consular.” The problem with those cards is that they provide the perfect cover for terrorists and common criminals alike seeking to enter our country......

In spite of such evidence detailing how these cards are being abused and placing the security of the American people at risk, Pelosi has continued to promote them.

Pelosi has also supported outright amnesty for illegal workers, including granting citizenship status to 500,000 illegal workers in the agriculture industry. Indeed, Nancy Pelosi has a special affection for illegal aliens, no doubt thinking how liberalized entry for poor migrant workers could help in staffing the non-union vineyards that Pelosi and her multi-millionaire husband own in Napa Valley.

Beyond giving free passes to terrorists and other aliens seeking to enter our country illegally and establish an identity here, Pelosi has consistently opposed a strong military. She voted NO on a measure to protect U.S. citizens, including our soldiers, from being arbitrarily arrested and brought before the unaccountable UN-sponsored International Criminal Court for a kangaroo trial. ..In recognition of that vote....she received a 2006 rating of A+ (with additional extra credit, no less) from the Citizens for Global Solutions, an ultra-left organization which advocates one-world government.

THAT...THAT is what the NEW DEMOCRAT is about!! The New Democrats, the FLLDs (Far Left Leaning Democrats) are in consortium with the likes of, George Soros, and Michael Moore, to name a few! Can we really afford to have our country taken over by people that want to give our country away?

So please, go is not only your right but your duty as an American citizen...and VOTE TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY and do not allow it to be taken over by the far left democrats!!

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Faultlineusa said...

Thanks for your excellent article about Our Country’s Future. It should be absolutely shocking to most Americans that Pelosi was given a 100 percent rating for supporting the interests of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and that Pelosi voted against the REAL ID Act of 2005!!!

The far left is playing into the hands of terrorists and betting on the illegal immigrant invasion. The left is playing a very dangerous game with our country’s future. The left’s pandering to the illegal immigrant will backfire. What these so-called “American” leftists don’t realize is that once the invasion is complete, they will have no control over the immigrant vote!!! This first question asked of future candidates will be “Se Habla Espanol??? Read Richard Rodriguez: War and Immigration are Fusing - an article in New California Media - San Francisco,CA,USA.

Faultine USA