Friday, November 10, 2006

The NEW BREED of Democrat - Part One

It appears that there is a new “breed” of Democrat that is beginning to show its ugly head. This new “breed” is unlike what we have ever seen before and their goal is simple, to infiltrate and take over the Democratic Party of “old” and the Blue Dog Democrats!! I refer to this new “breed” as FLLDs…Far Left Liberal Democrats! Please do not confuse them with the typical moderate Democrat of old, those Democrats that are true patriots and true heroes in America today.

I was compelled to write this article due to some circumstances surrounding a FLLD take over in some rural areas of my state, and most likely, this is occurring across the country and no one is the wiser. Part One of this article will deal FIRST with the Blue Dog Democrat and the Democrat of Old…………………

Although it may be hard to fathom when you hear the word “Democrat”, Blue Dog Democrats are generally social and economic conservatives and act as centrists (or middle-man) in the Democratic Party, able to work with Republicans to help bring about change. Most Blue Dog Democrats are supporters of the Amendment II of our Constitution in the right to bear arms, are pro-life supporters, and many are against illegal immigration. They almost sound Republican, huh? Well, there are some differences such as how to deal with social security, taxes on the “wealthy”, etc, but that is conversation for another day!

This Coalition was formed in 1994 during the 104 Congress so that the more conservative Democrats in Congress had a voice. Prior to their formation the more liberal part of the Democratic party would “choke them blue” and their views would largely go unheard.
At present, the Blue Dog Democrats have a coalition of 37 Blue Dogs actively in Congress.

So, you ask, what’s a Yellow Dog Democrat? Well, the term first came about in 1928 when Senator Heflin from Alabama refused to back the Democratic candidate for President, instead backing Herbert Hoover, who went on to be president. Senator Heflin’s fellow Democrats and Alabamians were furious with him for crossing party lines at that time and stated, “I’d vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket” and thus, the “Yellow Dog” was born! The Yellow Dog term, today, is used as an expression of praise and regard for the loyalty the Yellow Dog has to their party.

So, we have the Blue Dog, Yellow Dog, and just Old Fashioned Democrats which, although have differing political views on certain issues, are patriots and great Americans! These are Democrats willing to work in bi-partisan ways to help further the greatness of our Country.

Okay, I hear the big question now..……..WHY do I, as a conservative, care about the Democratic Party and it’s history enough to write about it? Well, the answer is simple. There is a “new breed” of democrat attempting to rise to the “ranks” and take over a well established and honored party…..attempting to turn it into a far-left radical group that has no respect for our security, our constitution or our sovereignty as Nation. I felt that it was important for the reader to recognize the traditional Democrat from this “new breed” of radical left extremists. Part Two will be a must read…and an eye opener for all.

As a preview of our next article, please read the following from FautlineUSA: Democrats Attack from Within

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Faultlineusa said...

Thank you so much for linking your article back to an article on
Faultline USA

I think it is very important that conservatives and/or traditionalists pay very close attention to what is happening within the Democratic Party. Many of us have become voting Independents over the years due to our disappointment in both parties. There is no doubt that the parties have become polarized and that the far, far left is attempting to completely take over the Democratic Party. This is a great loss for all Americans!!!

I look forward to learning more about how this leftist takeover is playing out in communities across the country!!!