Saturday, November 11, 2006


Graphic by Chuck "Doc" Stewart

For all those who have unselfishly served our country, in peace time and in war time, you have our utmost respect and gratitude!!

It pains and disgusts me to see how some, even those in power, have treated the men and women of our military! From Kerry insinuating that our soldiers are uneducated, to Murtha stating our military is "broken", to the soon to be Speaker of the House stating that the war in which our men and women are serving in is a "situation"!

We then have those incompetent civilians that have absolutely NO CLUE as to what service to this country is all about...they are so radical left and so full of vile and hate they cannot even speak without spewing filth. It almost reminds you of the "Jane Fonda and John Kerry" days in which our military and our country was constantly being attacked from within by Its own citizens!

Below is a left wing "nut" that spews disdain for our military:

"For when Bush opens his mouth, clotted bits of corpseflesh tumble out; when he walks, he wades through pools of human blood. ....come all the war profiteers who fill their bank vaults with hacked limbs, blown guts, crushed heads..."

This same person states the following to one of our soldiers who responded to his vile:

"I recognize beingstupid enough to join the military demonstrates a lack of imagination andintelligence, but surely you could come up with something original.I don't live the american dream. I just try to survive it. Kill any babies, lately, G.I. Joe? Still hungering to remove limbs from more children? Maybe drop clusterbombs or depleted uranium on more

To read the complete version of these e-mails please visit Wake Up America Left Wing Lunatics.

This is only one of the many left wing radical extremists that our attempting to help destroy our country. These type of people that despise our military so much forget that our military men and women fight for their right to be stupid...THEY should be cleaning the boots of our soldiers thanking them for that right!!

So anytime you see one of our soldiers, whether on Veteran's Day or any day, take time from your busy schedule to say THANK YOU!! Remember, they have volunteered to protect and serve us and our country, and we MUST respect them enough to show our appreciation for their service.

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Faultlineusa said...

Thank you for your tribute in support of our military this Veteran’s Day! It is such a sad thing that the left wing lunatics, the FLLD’s, have become a dominant force among the young in today’s Democratic Party.

I read that horrible letter by Firedrew by following your links to
Wake Up America

In not too distant times, such a person would be tried for treason!!!

Keep up the good work!

Faultline USA