Saturday, November 11, 2006

The NEW BREED of Democrat - Part Two

Well folks, we have recently discussed the “Democrats of Old”, the Blue Dogs, and the Yellow Dogs. But now….grab a drink, a cigarette, sit back and be prepared to be SHOCKED at the NEW BREED of Democrat that appears to be “coming out of the closet” and rearing its ugly head across our country…….

I refer to this New Breed as “Far Left Liberal/Leaning Democrats” or FLLDs. We know many of them already and they will be of no surprise: Pelosi, Kerry, Murtha, Kennedy, Boxer, Clinton, Reid, Schumer, etc along with others such as Dean, Sheehan, and Jackson. What do these people and those like Lieberman, Miller, Barrow, Ford, etc. have in common….they are all called Democrats!! But that is the only commonality between the Democrat of Old and the FLLD.

FLLDs are usually in the social progressive category believing that with the passage of time so should social “values” go versus any traditional values that, by the way, our country was built on. This includes, but is not limited to, values in marriage, the family and gender roles feeling that the “greater good of society” is benefited if the people who wish to engage in any “untraditional” values and/or life styles, such as same sex marriages, are allowed to do so. They also seem to believe that the minority should over rule the majority in traditional values.

FLLDs also have a tendency to be anti-military, making them not a good “fit” for our national defense and security. They are usually pro ILLEGAL immigration feeling that our countries borders should be “open” to all who want to enter regardless of whether the laws have been followed. Well…I’m feeling safe and secure now..aren’t you??

FLLDs are also very big into “class warfare” always attempting to pit “rich vs. poor” or the “haves vs. the have nots” and most do not realize that these class warfare advocates are some of the richest people in America!! Instead of encouraging the growth of America by encouraging its citizens to succeed, their attempts at class warfare is to hold people back so that they will depend on the government for their needs!

These FLLD politicians are supported by groups like, Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats for America and so on.

BUT BEWARE……………………………………………

Although we all know those “famous” ones in the spotlight, there is another group of FLLDs that could be more dangerous to our country because they are in the shadows and background. These are the group of “activists” that share the same social progressive ideals and are in our college campuses attempting to screw with the minds of our young people, in our work place where they have become emboldened flaunting their gay life style and daring anyone to say anything, and now they are slowing attempting to take over the Democratic Party.

This “take over” was apparently invented by Howard Dean and is being promoted on the Democracy for America web site, which is run by Howard Dean’s brother. Their goal:

DFA has a long-term goal to rebuild the Democratic Party from the bottom up—it will take time, but we must start building a base now for the future.

They even have training and schools and part of their curriculum tells their “followers” to: “volunteer in a management position, work with the Democratic Party/”Crashing” the Democratic Party/Taking Over the Democratic Party. “

This is apparently happening all over the country. In our local area, the Democratic County Chair is being maligned by a group of “Actives” whose goal is to take over the Democratic County Party. Now, they will vehemently deny this, but the facts that have emerged speak differently. They have technically “stolen” the exact web site for the County Party changing the name only by adding the word “Active” in the title, and have selected a web site with the EXACT name of the County Party but using .org vs. .com. No where on this web site does it state that they are NOT affiliated with the County Democratic Party which would lead a young person or a new comer to the area to think they are the “official” county party!! This is deceptive, in my opinion, and shows the morals, or lack thereof, of these types of FLLDs!!

You will also be able to tell one of these FLLDs by the way they talk and write, especially in e-mails and/or on message boards. They are usually very angry people and become very defensive if someone is in disagreement with them. They start by attempting the “screaming” tactics…usually large bold letters…and when that doesn’t work they begin with the name calling that we all know so well……neocon, racist, dumb ass..and the list goes on and on and on!! It does get quit funny actually to attempt a debate with these people because the more you show them the “error” of their ways, the madder they get!! It can definitely be a comic relief at times….they start screaming (forgetting you cannot hear them) and ranting and raving…you can picture them pulling their hair, beating their chests and sometimes I think I feel our house shaking due to their jumping up and down like a madman!!

There have also been, in the past, political activists/columnists who have stated that the Blue Dogs should “put their organization to sleep” and “How much more must the Blue Dogs see to comprehend that the time for equivocation and compromise has gone and the time for a resolute stance on Democratic values has arrived?”

My question is what values is he talking about? The values of the FLLDs? Those are certainly not the values of a true Blue Dog, Yellow Dog or Democrat of Old nor of the majority of Americans!!

We must, as republicans, independents and democrats come together to fight this type of Far Left Liberal/Leaning Democrat take over of the Democratic Party and of our Country. FLLD rhetoric must be countered and we must stand together least we begin falling like dominoes.


Faultlineusa said...

Thank you for providing an excellent overview of the FLLD’s. Since I see that we are both continuing to write about the attempted takeover of the Democratic party by these extreme leftist radicals, and I’m going to link back to your fine article in
Faultline USA

I’m glad that you mentioned the typical tactics commonly used by the so-called “Active Democrats”. I can tell you that your description is exactly what many others have experienced on local political forums. I am disheartened because most Democrats are fine patriotic Americans with centrist values. We will all lose greatly if the Democratic Party falls to these terrorist coddling leftists!!!

spree said...

well said

Anonymous said...

xwbThis Blue Dog Democrat is very concerned about the New Breed of Democrat. Matt Bai, wrote “The Inside Agitator” article in the New York Times Magazine. A picture of Howard Dean appears on the cover with the question below “It’s His Party?” and Howard Dean and the Creative Destruction of the Democratic Establishment underneath.

An excerpt from the article “ …Dean has become a folk hero for marginalized liberals. How this happened has been largely misunderstood. Dean has been credited with inciting an Internet driven rebellion against his own party, but, in fact, he was more the accidental vehicle of a movement that was already emerging. The rise of, blogs and “meet-ups” was powered to some extent by the young, tech-savvy activists on both coasts who were so closely associated in the public mind with Dean’s campaign. But the fast growing Internet community was also a phenomenon of liberal enclaves in more conservative states, where disenchanted Democrats, mostly baby boomers, had long felt outnumbered and abandoned….What the Web did was to connect disparate groups of Democratic voters who didn’t live in targeted states and who had watched helplessly as Republicans overran their communities.

More excerpts:
“It seems increasingly obvious that Dean is pursuing his own agenda for the party…and agenda that picks up, in many ways, where his renegade presidential campaign left off.”

“It didn’t take long, after the election, for a new band of Democratic outsiders to begin asserting themselves on the local level.

“Meanwhile, the bloggers who supported Dean were taking up the same cause, inciting sporadic local rebellions….Bower’s call for individual activists to overwhelm and rebuild their local parties became a rallying point for the emerging Netrrots party-reform movement.”

“The question for Dean was how to harness and aggregate this state-by-state uprising…..he formed a political action committee called Democracy for America, whose mission was to raise money for “progressive candidates seeking local offices from mayoral and Congressional seats down to the local water board.”

Jim Dean, Howard Dean’s younger brother, a one time salesman, has taken over the PAC. Jim Dean recruited for insurgent candidates like Paul Hackett and Ned Lamont.

“While campaign laws prohibited the Dean brothers from coordinating their activities, Washington Democrats assumed that Jim Dean’s job was to carry out the chairman’s subversive wishes.”

“Fairly or not, Dean has come to embody a species of Democrat that a lot of Americans of both parties find off-putting: the 60’s liberal, reborn with a laptop and a Prius”

One Country Voice said...


Thank you for your response. Everyone should be concerned about this "new breed" (FLLD) that is attempting to take over our country! Even though Dean is the "head" of the Democratic Party, it is clear he does not respect the Democratic values and his "groups" attempts to take over the party, both nationally and locally are very obvious and even at times boldly stated.

It would appear to me that the Democratic Party might need to "buck" the "system" and take their party back least it fall to the demons.

I appreciate the article on the "The Inside Agitator" and will be doing another article on this and will put a link to that article on my post.