Monday, October 30, 2006


Early voting will be winding down soon and we wait expectantly for election day. Many of us will be up throughout the night, watching the results...hoping against hope that the candidate of our choice has "pulled it off"!

I have always voted...I feel that not only is it a privilege and a right as a citizen, but that it is also my duty as a citizen of this country to make my voice heard and help keep my country moving forward! Never do I remember a midterm election being as "hot" as it is this year, not just in the area that I live but all over our country.

The House and Senate are now "up for grabs" and it frightens me to death! I, like so many, have been very disappointed with the Republicans, and yes, even our President who I voted for twice!! Even with that disappointment, I could not see myself voting against the Republican Party as the "horror show" that played out in my mind if the Democrats gained control of the House or the Senate overcame that disappointment, even if momentarily!!

I've heard people say, "We'll show everyone out!" And I will admit, remorsefully, that was my first thought, too. BUT then a shiver went thru my body and my brain almost exploded at the thought of Nancy Pelosi, CA Congresswoman, even coming near being the House Majority Leader and therefore third in line for the White House!! I mean, it almost made me ill!! She is part of the "Deaniac" group that are so far left as to be off the map! That, in an of itself, should scare the pants off everyone and overcome their dissapointment with the Republicans!!

I will admit, too, that I voted for some excellent Democrats for some State positions that they would do wonderfully in! They are good men and really have the heart and spirit of wanting to serve our state and its people! I even voted for Kinky for governor!! He is a breathe of fresh air and the other three candidates are really not worth much, in my humble opinion.

I read an article the other day by Linda Chavez, (ex-liberal turned conversative) who made some excellent points in her "Holding My Nose and Voting Republican" article. I hope that you take time to really read what she has to say...even through her disappointment with the Republican party it is vital that we are careful on who we put into office. Here are a some snipets from her article of WHY NOT DEMOCRATS:

The fact is I don't trust the Democratic Party to lead this country in a time of
uncertainty and war. While the Democrats say they want to refocus the nation's
energy on the war on terror, they've demonstrated time and again that they
oppose the most effective means of fighting terrorism.

Democrats would interfere with the National Security Agency's ability to intercept communications between terrorists abroad and their agents in the United States.

Democrats have offered no clear plan except to leave Iraq as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences.

Democrats like carrots a lot better than sticks and are more concerned with "world opinion" than American interests.

Democrats always want to raise taxes in order to pay for social programs, transferring money out of the hands of ordinary people and turning it over to bureaucrats.

Democrats seem to want to punish businesses rather than encourage the creation of more wealth. And they have a nasty propensity toencourage envy and class warfare, which benefits no one.

So my hope is that people will really see what the candidates are about.... research, look at previous voting records (immigration, securing our borders, taxes, etc), compare the candidates and their stance on the issues, their philosophies, talk to friends, etc. Don't just watch a TV ad and listen to what they want you to hear!! And above all....PLEASE GO VOTE!!!!

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Breezy said...

Your new blog is great because you are telling it from your heart – and it shows. Your one voice is expressing the silent frustration felt by so many Americans. I love the title of your blog “One Country Voice” because it expresses a dual meaning. You are one voice for one country. Unity, together we will stand!!!