Friday, November 03, 2006


After numerous discussion on a "board" I belong to, and a rather spirited response to my Kerry thread, I decided to talk about the Far Left Liberal Democrat, which I "lovingly" refer to by the initials FLLD.

If anyone has had much interaction with an FLLD, especially in writing, it is very easy to "pick them out" in a crowd!! They are usually the ones that rant and rave with nothing useful to say or add to a conversation! They get so frustrated in their lack of ability to debate they begin with the name-calling...neocons and republican hacks, to name a few! Conservatives are accused of "lie and smear tatics" known for the GOP party! THEN...when we again show
the FLLDs how their rantings make absolutely NO SENSE...we are called dumbo, moron, stupid, and the list goes on!

It is quite comical really! They fit into a perfect "jello" mold...I can see the mold factory now...pour in the mild normal person, let it set with constant rantings of the likes of Pelosi and Dean, then pop out of the mold and what do you have? Little FLLDs running around TRYING to act like they have common sense!!!

Please do not get the FLLDs confused with a normal Democrat! They are TWO different types in my opinion. I know some wonderful Democrats, and while my conservative views may differ somewhat on certain issues, we basically have the same philosphy on the greatness of our Country and our right to protect our Country. The normal Democrat is one with whom you can disagree with, debate with, have an intelligent conversation with, and hopefully come up with compromising solutions for problems with!! Unfortunately, the normal Democrat is slowly being taken over by the FLLDs, the values they hold dear are being distorted by the far left, the country we all so love is being ruined by this same far left group!!

That is why it is vital that WE (the conversatives and normal Democrats) fight together to show the ugly truths of the FLLDs while they, in their own right, continue to show their true colors!!


Anonymous said...

In my county I know the Democratic County Chair pretty well – a very nice and reasonable person. The chair told me that this year the Democratic state convention was overtaken by the leftists and that “If things don’t improve, I will not only resign the chair, I’ll leave the party!”

txanna said...

anonymous, I really hate to hear that about your county chair.

If the established moderate Democrats leave, then these far left liberals win. Just as there are good Republicans so are there good Democrats. Obviously, you know that by your choice of friends.

Many Democrats... I'm one of them...are having to pick and choose our candidates for the November election. I would have liked to see a Democrat as governor of Texas. Chris Bell is going to have to re-align his priorities. on the issues before he get's my vote and he's running out of time.